Turn your dream of living abroad with your family into your reality.

Strategic coaching sessions designed to help you break through barriers and create the mindset to empower you and your family to take the leap into the greatest journey of your lives.


Moving abroad with your family is something YOU CAN make happen.

You feel the draw and desire to explore and experience life beyond your home country. It’s all a matter of addressing the reasons that are stopping you. It’s a combination of figuring out the logistics and identifying the beliefs keeping you from pursuing this vision.

Hi! We’re John & Amanda

We sold and left our home in the US in 2019 with our two kids to follow the nudge telling us that there was something more for us beyond the life and circumstances that were familiar to us for much of our lives.

Our hunch was correct, and our life has expanded (and continues to) in so many ways.

We have received numerous questions from people wishing they could make a leap with their own families, and yet it feels for them like such a monumental task with so many unknowns causing them to doubt whether they can.

We used to believe it was beyond our reach as well, until we did it. Now, we see that it’s all logistics and beliefs that allow ourselves to step beyond the life we were told we’re supposed to live into the life we feel in our hearts has so much more waiting for us.

Virtual coaching to get your family launched on your first adventure

With this 4-session package, we will assess where you are currently and what needs to be done for your family to confidently embark upon your move abroad.

Amanda will serve as the logistical strategist, and John will work with you on the belief systems and stories that are holding you back. Strategy, logistics, and storywork will be integrated within the sesssion.

At the end, the goal is for you to be in a place where you are comfortable, confident, and ready for the life-changing move. After this program, you have a logistical plan and the mindset to move forward. You will be supported by a resource toolkit that you can reach to as questions arise through your planning process and once you launch.

You know what you are doing.
You know why you are doing it.
You are ready.


  • Identify the areas that require focus to make such a move
  • Give attention to and problem solve the areas where you feel stuck
  • Bring awareness to and change the belief patterns and stories that are keeping you from moving forward
  • Develop a resource toolkit that will aid you throughout your preparation phase and beyond
  • Offer support and guidance to help you grow the confidence to make the leap

This is for you if you’ve felt the call to move your family abroad, and you...

  • feel like there are reasons stopping you from making it happen.
  • have been wanting to do this for a long time but still don’t have a plan.
  • know in your heart it will be a beneficial move for your family.
  • want support from those that have already made the leap.
  • know you will regret not creating this change for you and your family.


What is expected of me?

We expect you to put in what you would like to get out of our time together. 

We expect you to honor your commitment to yourself and your desire to make such a shift in your life.

We expect you to communicate with us about what is or isn’t working.

We expect you to be open to growth and expansion beyond your current limits and beliefs.

We expect you to be forgiving of yourself for your imperfections. 

We expect you to believe in yourself and trust that you can do this.

Who are these sessions NOT for?

To get the most out of any coaching experience, the coached individual(s) must be ready and committed to moving beyond their current obstacles and stories. Leaning into the resistance is part of the process. 

Therefore, these sessions are for those willing to show up, be honest with themselves, and take responsibility for their future story. If you are wanting a quick fix without the participation, you will likely be disappointed in the outcome. 

What qualifications do you have to offer this service?

We’ve gone through the process of moving our family abroad and the struggles and growth that comes through the journey. We’ve consulted with mentors and gone through our own personal growth journeys before and through making this big life adventure. 

John has done his own personal work with regards to storywork and inner child healing. He has received coaching certification to facilitate storywork coaching in others and has helped facilitate story shifts in many clients. He is currently in an intensive mentor program to facilitate inner child healing work.

Amanda has also been on her own healing and personal growth journey. She provided the spark and was the initial mastermind behind their decision to move abroad. She has a background in psychology and naturopathic medicine, where she worked with patients to address their obstacles to health.

Do you offer single sessions?

We offer maintenance and check-in sessions for those that have gone through an initial four-session package. Each session would be either for strategy or storywork.

What if I must reschedule an appointment?

We ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice should you need to reschedule. 

We understand emergencies arise and are flexible and compassionate when emergencies happen. 

We reserve the right to forfeit sessions for habitual “emergencies”. We ask that you be honest with us and respect our and your own time.

Are results guaranteed?

No. We get out what we put in.

We are confident though that by committing to yourself and believing that you can make this change in your lives, you will see growth in some way.

What if the cost feels like a lot of money for me?

We commit when we have invested in some way. We have seen that time and time again for ourselves. This is an opportunity for you to commit to something that will transform your life experience. 

Additionally, we’ve found that time is our most valuable asset. We are investing our time (and knowledge/experience) into our client’s transformations that are also invested in themselves.

We hope to create other free offerings and resources in the future that will help those that don’t immediately have the funds to pay for our coaching services.

Do you offer refunds?

A full refund minus 5% will be granted within 24 hours of purchase should it be determined that these sessions are not a good fit for all involved. After 24 hours, a refund will not be granted.

Start the momentum to begin moving your family abroad

If you’re ready to begin, we will meet via Zoom. We will begin with an initial 30-minute welcoming call with both Amanda & John on the call. From there, we will meet every 2 weeks for 8 weeks (4 sessions) for 75 minutes each session.

So much can shift in this time, and you’ll be able to walk away feeling more ready and confident taking this next exciting step in life.

Investment - $597

or 2 payments of $347

Includes a 30-minute welcoming call & four 75-minute sessions with John & Amanda
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